"On behalf of Siemens Transportation Systems, Inc. and myself, I would like to thank you and the entire Access Communications team for the excellent work you recently performed at our Jacksonville, FL offices."

"The assigned work was achieved on time and Access Communications’ excellent skills and good business practices were both observed and appreciated."

"Due to the nature of our business, being able to communicate with our patient’s and staff via voice or data is critical. The staff at IPFONE is available to us always – regardless of day or time – to assist us when we need them. They are always able to solve any issues we may be experiencing in a fast and efficient manner."

"Since our office was first opened we have had to move three time, and each time IPFONE was there to help! This included nights, weekends, and even holidays! We have had exceptional and timely service from IPFONE, and look forward to our next move!"

"During our recent purchase of a new phone system, IPFONE Group was able to provide us with quality products that met our needs and prompt service for a smooth transition. You preprogrammed the phone system and installed it in one afternoon. That exceeded my expectations."

"By your service to my firm, IPFONE Group exemplifies the professional, courteous, and competent expertise that we appreciate when choosing a company to provide our telecommunication needs."

"It has been about 18 months now since you assisted the Pharmex division of PDC with their facility relocation from New Smyrna to Port Orange."

"As director of organizing this colossal move, one of my tasks was to ensure that our customers experienced a smooth transition from our old phone system to the new Siemens HiPath 3800 system we purchased from your company. Without you, this task would not, could not, have been accomplished."

"You and your team are a valued vendor to Pharmex. At no time do I ever worry that my questions will not be answered quickly and efficiently. The equipment is top-notch and your service even better."

"Everyone in your organization from top to bottom has been responsive, knowledgeable, courteous and thoroughly professional."

"From the installation to the ongoing service and maintenance it has been a pleasure to do business with IPFONE."

"I wanted to take this time to commend the fantastic crew who fascilitated our office move."

"They do a great job of “interpreting” our needs and translating that into a functioning phone and internet system. Vicki coordinated … our ever-changing move date over the holidays, and our endless questions with professionalism, courtesy, patience and knowledge."

"I am the owner and operator of four hotels in the central Pennsylvania area. I contracted your firm to provide the wireless communications and phone system for the 65 room Comfort Suites which opened in June. I can honestly say this process was the best experience I have encountered. Ross and Mike worked very late through the weekend before the opening making sure that… we were up and running ready for business."

"Your commitment to our success hopefully will transcend into continued success for your organization."

"Time and time again you have come to our aide in emergencies and you have been there by our side during the strategic planning process during our times of rapid business growth."

"My hand goes out to you as a gesture of friendship, commitment, and deserving praise as one of our top vendors."

"Thank you for your assistance with the relocation of phone, data and internet for our new warehouse. Your technician Mike made this transition seamless with our daily activity at the warehouse. Our service to our clients and communication between our warehouse and showroom was not interrupted."

"We have used your services for over 15 years. We have purchased a phone system, T-1 line, voice mail and data. I am anxious to implement the 1-800 number you just provided us with… and appreciate your suggestions on how best to market our business with this service. I can comfortably recommend IPFONE."

"Having endured several phone system transitions in a large hospital, I was more than a little nervous as we recently prepared to make a change at Cardiology Associates of Gainesville. My fretting and anxiety were all for naught; as the installation team led by Richard Slinin and Mike Reilly made the process incredibly simple and painless."

"They worked with us to accomplish… a virtually seamless transition for our patients."

"IPFONE continues to provide us with excellent support. A reliable phone system is a must for physicians’ offices, as it is truly a lifeline for our patients. I am confident that this important aspect of the practice will be there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."


IPFONE is a National VoIP Company that is committed to delivering State of the Art products with unparalleled Customer Service to all our clients. IPFONE offers End to End, Personalized service to all our customers regardless of size. From the smallest business phone systems to large call centers, IPFONE’s hosted PBX and SIP Trunking will save your business up to 65% on your phone system cost. IPFONE integrates Telecommunications with the Internet to offer our clients Superior Products, a wide choice of Features, Speed, Ease, and Reliability at a fraction of the cost of traditional products.

Mobile VoIP is a new technology allowing you to route make and receive VoIP telephone calls using your cellular smartphone. By using this technology, local, long distance and international calls are made using VoIP rate, and not expensive cell phone rate or minutes. Mobile VoIP calls can be made to and from anywhere in the world, often as a local call, where there is an internet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data service available.

As more and more businesses are operating with a mobile workforce using this technology has great advantages. An employee can have his personal cellular telephone for his personal use and also integrate it to his office phone. When a business call comes in it routes through his desktop and to his cell phone. If the employee wants to a customer call from his cell phone – the caller ID the customer will see is the caller ID of your business – not the cellular phone.

This eliminates the need for two different telephone numbers, and also protects the employer’s customer base contacts. For example, if a sale representative from you company leaves you don’t have to worry about his customers following. When they call the office line you simply reroute the calls to another employee. No more wondering why you lost your customers.

Purchase IP desk and conference phones at competitive prices when you sign up for your IPFONE service.

Add-ons – Expand your system as needed

  1. Additional toll-free or local numbers – $4.99/month
  2. Additional fax numbers – $4.99/month
  3. Vanity number – $30 one-time fee

International calls will be charged at the current rates published in our international rates table.

*30-day Free Trial is valid for 4 users only.
**US and Canada only. Reasonable use policies apply on all plans. Additional toll-free minutes billed at 3.9c/min.

  1. $39.99/mo per user pricing is for new customers only.
  2. $21.99/mo per user price offered with a 2 year contract for 20-99 users, regular price is $26.99/mo per user.
  3. $19.99/mo per user price offered with a 2 year contract for 100+ users, regular price is $24.99/mo per user.
  • Easily fax documents directly from GoogleDocs, Box, Dropbox
  • Use scheduling feature to send faxes on selected date/time
  • Free pages with every monthly plan
  • All inclusive features such as dedicated fax number
  • Get a unique fax number for each employee with the unlimited plan
  • Additional virtual extensions – $2.99/month
  • Additional toll-free or local numbers – $4.99/month
  • Additional fax numbers – $4.99/month
  • Vanity number – $30 one-time fee

800 numbers are available.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) auto attendants greet callers with pre-recorded messages offering menus of touch-tone choices and connects the callers to one of the following:

Auto attendant
Remote Access
Fax to Email

IPFONE supports standard (0-9), multi digit (0-99) and PIN based IVR types. Other features include:

Operation times set by day or date
This allows all incoming calls to be sent to specific extensions, operator or voicemail depending on the time of the day or date.

Direct dialing of user extensions (this feature can be set to on or off)
This allows callers to dial extensions directly.

Ringing options 
Once a caller has made a choice it can hear: 
ringing, music on hold or silence

Rings to answer 
How many rings before IVR answers

Account access only 
Allows caller to enter account number in order to proceed further. If the caller does not enter a valid account number, the caller is then given the opportunity to be connected to an extension.

Status can be set to on or off
IVR normally operates in "on" status. However, sometimes it may be necessary to send all calls to an operator. This is achieved by switching "off" the IVR.

Custom greetings upload
Custom greetings can be uploaded to the server using a web browser.

Operator extension 
If IVR is switched off, this is an extension that will receive all calls.

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