POWERFUL FEATURES Powerful Features, Superior Quality, Unmatched Reliability and Dramatic Savings
End-to-End Integrated Solution IPFONE combines the best aspects of cloud-based hosted and on-premise systems.
Find-Me/Follow-Me Forwarding Never miss a call. Ring your home, office and cell phone one at a time, or ring them all at the same time.
Phone Numbers From Anywhere Incoming phone numbers are independent of how many phone lines you have and the city they belong to. You can even dial out as if your company has an office in another city.
Schedules / Time Based Call Routing Define a different set of operating hours for each day of the week. Combine with incoming call routing for unique daytime and after-hours activities.
Multiple Company Identities The phone system allows you to have an unlimited number of different company identities.
Multi-Layer Automated Attendant With our intuitive web interface you can quickly create multi-level automated attendant menus which can send a call to any number of destinations or locations including a cell phone or branch office.
Extension User Rights Each extension can be tailored to allow or prohibit certain activities such as international calling or outbound calling.
Unlimited Voice Mail Store your voicemail for as long as you like.
Web Based User Administration Users can easily set up speed dial, call forwarding, find-me/follow-me and voice mail options online.
Paging & Paging Groups Easy to set up paging to individual extensions, groups or overhead speakers.
Voice Mail Groups Easily set up and broadcast recorded messages to voice mail groups like sales, service, etc.
Custom On-Hold Music & Recordings Customize your on-hold music and prompts with downloaded music, professionally recorded prompts or ones you create.
Ring Groups Work Across Locations Easy to set up menus & call routing to ring groups. Groups can include members in remote offices or extensions.
Keep Your Old Telephone Numbers You may port your existing number to your new Star2Star phone solution and add new numbers as well.
Company Directory / Dial by Name Web based company directory with names, extensions, cellular, and email for all locations or Dial by Name.
Multi-Sites / Branch Office Support Multiple branch offices can be unified into one cloud-based phone system. Call transfers, ring groups, call queues, automated attendants, shared operator, etc. operate across locations.
Soft Phone Extensions Soft Phone extensions for laptops and personal computers allow users mobility and flexibility.
Home Office Extensions Supports unlimited remote telecommuter or “road warrior” extensions over home DSL or Cable connection.
Outlook Integration Click-to-dial phone numbers from your Outlook Contacts directory.
Analog Device Support Supports connecting analog phones, overhead paging system, cordless phones or door phones.
Incoming DID Support Route incoming DID numbers to extensions, menus, ring groups, queues or conference calls.
Call Transfer Blind or assisted call transfers to extensions, ring groups or voice mail at any location… even cell phones.
Call Parking, Intercom and Paging Park Calls and Intercom or Page multiple phones to announce the call for pickup.
Voicemail to Email / Unified Messaging Voice messages are delivered to your email inbox as an attachment with notifications sent to cell phones.
Built-in Conference Calling Set up secure Meet Me Conference Rooms for quick and easy conference calls.
SUPERIOR QUALITY Our technology continuously monitors the sound quality of your calls from End-to-End, around the clock.
If something isn’t right, our Network Operations Center will take action to correct it.
Advanced Voice Compression High quality voice compression to create a call so clear it cannot be distinguished from an analog call. Efficient compression means that you can run twice as many calls on a single data T1 line.
End-to-End QoS Management Prioritization of Voice on the data network to eliminate jitter, echo, and latency.
Architecture Our exclusive architecture dynamically determines the best routing path to use for each incoming and outgoing
call, assuring users of a clean, clear connection with no annoying echo.
GUARANTEED RELIABILITY We guarantee 99.99% availability and back it up with 24x7x365 End-to-End System Monitoring
Automatic 6-Way Backup We have a 6-way backup that leverages our monitoring system to determine if there is a system fault anywhere in the call path and automatically reroutes calls if necessary.
Redundant Internet Connectivity We have backup connectivity with redundant Internet connectivity in case data center connectivity fails.
Redundant Phone Carriers We have backup phone carriers to send our calls to in case one carrier fails.
Analog Line Backup Support We support backup analog lines with automatic rerouting of calls.
Disaster Recovery We include complete disaster recovery to seamlessly and automatically backup your phone system and each employee’s
phone with their cell phones if you lose power or Internet or even the use of your facility.
Redundant Data Centers We operate multiple data centers across the USA with fully redundant hardware and connectivity.
No Unreliable Moving Parts The StarBox is a 100% solid state platform and we replace any broken component, including phones, within 24 hours.
DRAMATIC SAVINGS Our Solution is High Quality – Our System Price is Competitive – Our Service Costs are Amazing
Line Pooling Between Locations Now you can use those extra lines at one location when you need them at another at no extra charge.
Line Bursting If all your lines are in use and you get another call we will add an extra line for a small usage charge.
Toll Free Savings Save up to 50% or more on the typical business phone bill with included Long Distance.
Discounted International Rates International at 1/3 the cost of AT&T; 3 cents per minute to: UK, France, Germany, Mexico, Canada.
Financing Available We have a leasing program and line of credit that can put you in positive cash flow from the first month.


IPFONE is a National VoIP Company that is committed to delivering State of the Art products with unparalleled Customer Service to all our clients. IPFONE offers End to End, Personalized service to all our customers regardless of size. From the smallest business phone systems to large call centers, IPFONE’s hosted PBX and SIP Trunking will save your business up to 65% on your phone system cost. IPFONE integrates Telecommunications with the Internet to offer our clients Superior Products, a wide choice of Features, Speed, Ease, and Reliability at a fraction of the cost of traditional products.

Mobile VoIP is a new technology allowing you to route make and receive VoIP telephone calls using your cellular smartphone. By using this technology, local, long distance and international calls are made using VoIP rate, and not expensive cell phone rate or minutes. Mobile VoIP calls can be made to and from anywhere in the world, often as a local call, where there is an internet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data service available.

As more and more businesses are operating with a mobile workforce using this technology has great advantages. An employee can have his personal cellular telephone for his personal use and also integrate it to his office phone. When a business call comes in it routes through his desktop and to his cell phone. If the employee wants to a customer call from his cell phone – the caller ID the customer will see is the caller ID of your business – not the cellular phone.

This eliminates the need for two different telephone numbers, and also protects the employer’s customer base contacts. For example, if a sale representative from you company leaves you don’t have to worry about his customers following. When they call the office line you simply reroute the calls to another employee. No more wondering why you lost your customers.

Purchase IP desk and conference phones at competitive prices when you sign up for your IPFONE service.

Add-ons – Expand your system as needed

  1. Additional toll-free or local numbers – $4.99/month
  2. Additional fax numbers – $4.99/month
  3. Vanity number – $30 one-time fee

International calls will be charged at the current rates published in our international rates table.

*30-day Free Trial is valid for 4 users only.
**US and Canada only. Reasonable use policies apply on all plans. Additional toll-free minutes billed at 3.9c/min.

  1. $39.99/mo per user pricing is for new customers only.
  2. $21.99/mo per user price offered with a 2 year contract for 20-99 users, regular price is $26.99/mo per user.
  3. $19.99/mo per user price offered with a 2 year contract for 100+ users, regular price is $24.99/mo per user.
  • Easily fax documents directly from GoogleDocs, Box, Dropbox
  • Use scheduling feature to send faxes on selected date/time
  • Free pages with every monthly plan
  • All inclusive features such as dedicated fax number
  • Get a unique fax number for each employee with the unlimited plan
  • Additional virtual extensions – $2.99/month
  • Additional toll-free or local numbers – $4.99/month
  • Additional fax numbers – $4.99/month
  • Vanity number – $30 one-time fee

800 numbers are available.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) auto attendants greet callers with pre-recorded messages offering menus of touch-tone choices and connects the callers to one of the following:

Auto attendant
Remote Access
Fax to Email

IPFONE supports standard (0-9), multi digit (0-99) and PIN based IVR types. Other features include:

Operation times set by day or date
This allows all incoming calls to be sent to specific extensions, operator or voicemail depending on the time of the day or date.

Direct dialing of user extensions (this feature can be set to on or off)
This allows callers to dial extensions directly.

Ringing options 
Once a caller has made a choice it can hear: 
ringing, music on hold or silence

Rings to answer 
How many rings before IVR answers

Account access only 
Allows caller to enter account number in order to proceed further. If the caller does not enter a valid account number, the caller is then given the opportunity to be connected to an extension.

Status can be set to on or off
IVR normally operates in "on" status. However, sometimes it may be necessary to send all calls to an operator. This is achieved by switching "off" the IVR.

Custom greetings upload
Custom greetings can be uploaded to the server using a web browser.

Operator extension 
If IVR is switched off, this is an extension that will receive all calls.

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